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The Holidayzer Property Management System
When it comes to managing your holiday business, there is a powerful and precise tool for you: the Holidayzer Property Management System (PMS). This program, which was specially developed for short-term rentals, is networked worldwide via the cloud, and is completely tailored to you and the very individual needs of your rental business. With the Holidayzer PMS, you have all your objects in view from an intuitive, central user interface and 100% under control. Access it worldwide - from any mobile phone, tablet, or PC with an internet connection.
Seamless Integration with Booking System
And those extensive options are just the beginning. Your Holidayzer PMS is also linked to the booking system on your website and informs you in real-time as soon as a new booking is available. It is also possible to implement an option to book your holiday accommodation via your Facebook fan page.
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Reporting and Analysis Tools for you to make informed decisions
In addition, the Holidayzer PMS offers you a whole bundle of useful reporting and analysis tools. For example, you can display the performance of individual properties or all your properties with regard to various parameters such as occupancy, turnover and guest statistics. In addition, you can take a very close look at which booking platforms contribute more to your rental success and which currently contribute less.
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