Always fully booked worldwide!
Elevating holiday
rentals to new heights!
Since 2014, we’ve been helping thousands of property and hotel owners manage their short-term rentals and elevate their businesses to new heights. How do we do it? With a Team of Experts, armed with Franchise Know-How and state of the art software including our ground-breaking Channel Manager, Property Management System and Booking Engine. We will share with you our formula on how to attract guests all year long. You can stay fully booked with the highest possible daily rate while paying the lowest possible commission to Booking Channels or OTAs.
Always Fully Booked. Worldwide!
Full occupancy at the highest possible daily rate
Our experts manage a system that is perfectly tailored to you and your needs through precise fine adjustments. They are only pursuing one goal: booking your units at full capacity at the highest possible daily price! Always fully booked – Worldwide! Welcome to While other companies offer you software and leave you alone with settings, setup and creation of the profiles, we offer you something unique: Manpower! Our team of experts can take care of everything for you, no ifs or buts. We're by your side throughout the entire process of setting up your business.
The 5 pillars of the Holidayzer Turnkey Franchise System
Our Representative
The Holidayzer Representative (Personal Assistant) is the first point of contact who will coordinate the communication between you and the Expert Team.
Team of Experts
The Team of Experts seamlessly integrate all the technologies and will help you make smart decisions to increase your booking and revenue.
Virtual Front Desk
Multiple language virtual front desk support through live humans (not chatbots). Available to answer your guest’s inquiries.
Brand Development
We are in the new era of globalization. Any hospitality business must have a Brand Strategy to attract customers like the market leaders.
Channel Manager
To maximize the visibility of your business it will be listed on the World TOP 10 booking platforms to reach millions of travelers around the world.
Who can benefit from Holidayzer?
Who exactly is Holidayzer suitable for? If you fit into any of the following categories, our unique services are sure to fit the bill.
Hotel and Holiday
Rentals (Old Hands)
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Classic Landlord
(Long-term Rental)
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Location Independent Entrepreneurs
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Franchise Partners
& Brokers
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Real Estate
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Tax residency within /
outside the EU
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