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At holidayzer, We choose the right online travel agencies for you from many hundreds of online platforms.


When it comes to significantly increasing the visibility of your holiday accommodation offer, online travel agencies and online booking platforms are of great value. The principle is simple: on these pages you can present your holiday business and accept bookings.

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For example, two of the largest online travel agencies are Expedia and Millions of travelers worldwide find and book their accommodation via a total of 400 existing platforms. The more your property is listed on these platforms, the more visible your offer is and the higher your booking rate.

In fact, the trick here is to set a focus and find out which platforms best suit you and your offer. A precise understanding of the type and orientation of all existing platforms is just as important as know-how of the entire tourism market. Based on extensive research of user booking habits, which vary from platform to platform, and constantly changing market leaders, Holidayzer experts filter out the 10 booking platforms that offer the greatest chances for the success of your offer.

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To create an entry for your offer that stands out from the crowd of other entries on the booking platforms, you need creative flair, the right wording and suitable imagery that make the uniqueness of your accommodation visible and tangible. From professional writers to accomplished web designers, our experts specialize in creating engaging listings for your rental business that get noticed and attract travelers from around the world.
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