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Holidayzer for Real Estate Investors
When you sell your real estate, it can often take many months (not infrequently years) for the real estate to be sold at a higher price. During this time, the objects stand around, gather dust, are not aired and do not generate any sales. Holidayzer can convert these properties into lucrative holiday accommodations in no time at all. It also allows you to gradually invest generated income in other properties and put your rental business on course for permanent growth.
Make Most out of
Your Investments
The properties can still be viewed by buyers. The objects are cleaned between 5-10 times per month, after each check-out. Potential buyers will find a lively, clean holiday home more appealing. You can show the last 12 months of holiday rental income to the buyer who may not want to move in themselves, which massively reduces the time to ROI. You can also sell real estate in the holiday accommodation yourself. This turns every guest into a potential buyer. In the case of a purchase, the brokerage fee is waived.
Advantages of Investing in Short-Term Rentals
Holidayzer supports you with all these factors and ensures that you make the most of the benefits.
You diversify your portfolio of investments and don't just focus on strongly fluctuating values ​​in the stock market.
You can show vacation rental sales to potential buyers.
We can help you sell your property portfolio to guests through promotional displays in your accommodation. 
You can expect long-term increases in the value of your properties.
You have constant access to your properties and can always show them to your buyers between 2 bookings.
Units no longer stand around empty and gather dust. Freshly cleaned, vibrant vacation rentals are easier to sell.
If you want to go on holiday yourself, you don't have to worry about booking and you can choose to do so at any time. 
You have constant access to your properties and can always show them to your buyers between 2 bookings.
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