Always fully booked worldwide!
Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
From many hundreds of online platforms, we pick out the ones that suit your needs.
Property Management System (PMS)
With the PMS, you have an overview of all your objects from an intuitive, central user interface that is tailored to your individual needs. It is accessible worldwide - from any mobile phone, tablet, or PC with an internet connection.
Channel Manager
The Channel Manager is cloud technology for your holiday business, so you have access to multiple channels depending on your property, always have an overview of your rental and benefit from higher visibility and higher daily rates.
The Holidayzer
Expert Team
Renting out your property takes a lot of work, especially if you own multiple units. From hotel consultants to web designers and more, you can count on the help of our team of experienced professionals.
Your Personal
The human interface between you and our team of experts is your personal assistant. They ensure that everything runs smoothly in your interest and that you are immediately informed about everything important.
Virtual Front
The Holidayzer front desk team is online for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to take over all communication with your guests and to carry out all tasks.
Your Digital Brand Identity
A meaningful brand name and logo will help your property stand out from the crowd. We have writers and designers who come up with ideas that attract customers and perfectly represent your property.
Website For Your
Our team of experts will create a professional website for your property to significantly increase booking success. Your customers can book directly through this website, so you can use it commission-free.
Your Booking System
The Holidayzer booking system ensures that your guests can book holiday accommodations with you easily and at any time online using various payment methods.
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