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Holidayzer Pricing
Table (2022-2023)
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Lifetime (One-Off)
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3+ units
10+ units
+25% Commission
+22.5% Commission
+20% Commission
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Unique Holidayzer Services
Channels Registrations & SetUp 10 Channels (25+ Subs)
Additional Channel SetUp (optional) 275€
Holidayzer Market Inspector (optional) 2 Free, then 199€
1 Year Money-Back-Guarantee
Expert Team Access
Personal Assistant
Channel Manager (Experts)
Property Registration & SetUp
Graphic Designers
Web Developers
Marketing Strategists
Price Strategy & Monitoring
Channel Manager (Features)
Yield Management
Pooled Inventory
Flexible Constellations
Listing Import
Occupancy Pricing
Intelligence Functions
Clound PMS (Front Desk)
Powerful Calendar
Customizable Dashboards
Automated Workflows
Flexible Pricing
Customized Invoices
Subaccounts for Staff
Other 30+ Features
Website & Brand Development
Unique Website Development (optional)
Website Booking Engine (Commission Free)
Website Payment Integration
Google Maps Profil SetUp
Facebook page (Booking Widget)
Instagram Page
Brand & Logo Creation
Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers
Advertising Material & Guest Hints
Business eMail (30GB G-Suite)
Virtual Frontdesk & Call Center
Channel Communications (eMail + Phone)
Daily Owner Report (Check-Ins/Outs)
Pre Check-in & Post Check-Out calls (optional) + 1%
Guest Communications (Channels) (optional) + 0,5%
Guest Communications (WhatsApp) (optional) + 0,5%
Business Phone Number + EU Flatrate (optional) 45€/monthly
Guest Communications (Phone) (optional) Custom
Social Media Services
Guests to FB Fan – Auto Action
Daily Facebook & Instagram Postings (optional) 49€/monthly
Fan Communication & Handling (optional) 75€/monthly
Website Blog Articles Writing (optional) 100€/Article
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